So ladies, I've evened the score here with some hot guys wearing hot swimwear.  Enjoy.

A friend and I were talking about men's swimwear the other day and we were discussing how bulky and unattractive shorts tend to be.  We both agreed that a nice length short, above the knee, slightly more tailored would look so much better than longer over-sized things that have been around for way too many summers.  Oh, and Speedos (Speedi?  Maybe?) are never good.  Just saying.

Check out the slide show with the first one:

What started it all!  I like this, though.  Shows them full length.

I love plaid and these are a good length.  I'm not digging the shirt and scarf, but the shorts are what matters.

These are pretty much exactly what we were talking about.  Above the knee and a little more fitted, but not ridiculously so.  Plus, this guy is rocking his natural body hair and I think that's neat.

I like these, they're a decent length and the vertical stripes are awesome.  These remind me of the early 1900s, Coney Island, Circus type era.  I dunno, I like them.

These seems to be a good length [and he's a pretty model].  Actually I like him more than I do the shorts.  [Mikey, I love you, you're beautiful.]

This one might be a little too short, but it's hard to tell.  What I can tell is this guy is oiled up, for the runway.  Why does he need to be oiled up?

Anyway, these are my picks!  Enjoy!