Hi everyone!  For Christmas I had put a wreath up and I really enjoyed having something on the door.  Thus my journey began to look for a wreath I could put up for spring.  Well, let's just say it was more difficult then initially thought.  Most wreaths are ugly.  Seriously, I went all over the place and nowhere had a decent simple wreath.  That's when I decided, "Hey, I'm a designer!  I'll make something I want."  I then figured it'd be nice to share it with anyone else out there trying to make a simple wreath, so here you go!

Now keep in mind this is my first wreath, and I don't really have it down, but I think it's a good attempt and it's better than anything I saw anywhere else.

Step 1::  Supplies
Wreath::  12 in $3.99 at Trees & Trends

Simple Sheer Ribbon::  $3.99 at Michael's

Feathers & Flowers:: $2.99 (on sale) $1.19 a piece (on sale) at Trees & Trends

 Small Glue Gun:: $3.99 at Michael's

Step 2::  Assembly 

 This was the hardest part.  It's difficult getting the ribbon lined up correctly, but I did the best I could.
Then I just made sure to cover the ugly part with the embellishments.

 Glue down feathers, then add flowers.

 Step 3::  Enjoy!
 That's the final product.  I'm happy with it!