Just a glimpse into my tiny wonderful kitchen on this fine Friday morning.  

You see this morning, around 5 am, I got up to go to the bathroom.  As I step into my bathroom I hear a crunch.  I turn on the light and to my shock and disappointment I realize I've stepped on the mirror I use to look at the back of my hair with.  As I pee (sorry if that's graphic, but it's what went down, plus everybody does it) I think "Damn 7 years bad... wait, I don't believe that crap."  I really don't believe in luck; good, bad or otherwise.  One of my favorite numbers is 13 (my grandfather's birthday was 8/13 and he was born on a Friday) and I love black cats.  I've stepped under ladders and nothing has happened, and a few years back I broke a mirror accidentally and now I have my own apartment, a wonderful boyfriend, I'm finally about to graduate, and my life is better than ever and do you know why?  It's not luck, it's just the path I've chosen.  

Anyway, after I got up a second time this morning around 8, I thought about the mirror and how instead of having a bad morning I was going to have a good one.  My mom said my great grandmother used to say "It's just as easy to wake up glad as it is sad" or something to that effect, and it's true.  Sure, I've had my share of depression, trust me, but as I've gotten older I've gotten more like my mom on those issues, which thrills me.   

And now for some photos summing up my wonderful Friday morning.

Mmmm, Pinot Noir (no I didn't drink any this morning, just was sitting there) and fresh cut Azaleas from my front yard.

My favorite Easter candy!  Cadbury small hard shell eggs!

 This was my grandmother's I will keep it forever!

I bought this at a vintage store in TN.

I recently mentioned banana ice cream, so I copped some up today to make ice cream with later.

You simply cut them up, freeze them, then blend them in a blender.  That's it!

Some I had already made.

It's best if you make only enough to eat right then because it doesn't re-freeze well.  Also try adding things:   honey, chocolate, a little sugar, peanut butter, other fruits!

Isn't my kitchen floor awesome!  (that's sun light, not white spots)

Also I'm about to get to work on Replay today, so check back for new items!!!  I have so many!

Happy Friday, All!