Happy Monday everyone!  It's a new week full of possibilities and new awesome posts!

I found an amazing site today,  It's a blog where tons of food bloggers submit their recipes and then Food Gawker posts a photo with a link.  It's really well done and a fabulous idea!  I'm always having trouble finding good recipes and Food Gawker puts hundreds of delicious ones right on the screen!

Here are some sweet recipes I found on Food Gawker:

I love love love asparagus, so this sounds soo freakin' good!

Hummus is one of my favorite things.  I make homemade hummus and experiment all the time, so this sounds simply amazing.

This looks and sounds amazing!

Aren't these just delicious looking?!  Well now you have a taste (no pun intended) for Food Gawker.  Now, go gawk!

ALSO:  Speaking of recipes, if you have any interesting ones, feel free to submit them and I'll post them, too.

Have a good day!