Earth month is upon us!  Just one more day of March and then it begins and in honor of that I want to share the following with you:

Recently my mom sent me a link to this website, it's for Do Something Reel Film Festival presented by Whole Foods Market (love that place) and it's touring the country with 6 films about various environmental issues, initiatives, and ideas. They will be touring the whole month of April for Earth Month and they'll be in 70 cities. You can read a short summary of each film here and you can see if the films are coming to a city near you here. There are going to be showings in New Orleans and Baton Rouge so I highly recommend all my friends in those two places go!  I'm going to decide on a film or two and see them, but it's going to be so hard to pick!  I want to see them all!

Just thought I'd share this, every little bit of education helps!  Also check all throughout April for tons of environmental posts in honor of Earth Month!