If you've never heard of Bruce Mau Design, then get yourself acquainted.  Bruce Mau runs a successful, fun design firm in Toronto Canada and it's definitely worth checking out.  Even if you don't feel like looking at all their interesting projects (and I highly recommend it) then you MUST read this:  INCOMPLETE MANIFESTO FOR GROWTH

It's really interesting and I think it could apply to a lot of different people, but definitely anyone who is in an art profession.  Honestly, I think we all could benefit from some art in our lives.  Most people seem to believe they don't have it in them, but we all do, even if it's just an appreciation.  Art is the most freeing expression we have and it's all around us and most don't even realize this. 

Think about every man made item you can possibly think of.  I'll start you off:  Computer, Car, T-shirt, Button, Dog Collar... the list is pretty much endless.  Now think about this, all of that was created from someone.  Someone saw a problem, whatever it may be, some little synapses' fired off and bam, an idea, a creation.  That, my friend, is art.

So, next time you don't believe art is everywhere, next time you question the power of art, just think:  Art is how we express ourselves.  There is no other way that one can change the minds of individuals, than with art.  Writing, music, print, paintings, posters, advertisements, photos, typography, illustrations, websites, blogs, ALL ART.

ART RULES.  Enjoy it!  :)