Random Awesome Sunday, is here!  Ok, so you might not have been waiting for it since this is the first official R.A.S., but you'll be glad you stopped by and decided to take a look.  If not, then I don't know what to tell you.

And now, the Random Awesome Sunday, begins!


I found this while... you guessed it, Stumbling today.  I have to say it's a brilliant idea and I'm fully for it.  Honestly something like that could save a few lives.  I'm not saying it'd revolutionize life drastically, but I do think it could be a nice invention.

This is down right amazing.  I love this idea, especially since concrete blocks are not the most attractive things and this really re-purposes them!


I haven't really explored this yet, but I'm going to and it's hopefully going to be awesome.  I love ghost towns, abandoned houses, and such.


I love love loved My Little Ponies (along with Ninja Turtles) when I was a kid, so naturally I think these are awesome!  Check out all the different ones from the source!


This is simply wonderful.  I want one!