I'm currently working on an advertisement for the bookstore I work for and I'm wanting to do an ad that looks like a poster, but smaller.  I started looking at images of posters, and came across some really interesting ones.

I hope you enjoy and check out the other wonderful blogs and sites these came from.  Thanks!

Ha, love the G.W. reference and Helvetica and Arial.  Good stuff!

I love the illustrations on this and the colors are just calming even though it's a sort of hectic looking poster.

I love anything typographic.

See? (Refer to above)

Clever, clever.

A f**king men!  I love this!

Still HAVEN'T seen this movie, but I know the gist and I will watch it eventually.  Busy...

Another clever one.  I love cleverly disguised design.
I just like the photo in this one.  It's pretty B.A.

Love this movie and LOVE this poster.  Just really simple, to the point ingenious design.

I rather enjoy this one, too!