Let's face it, drawing is not my strong suit, but I desperately wish it were.  I'm a good artist, I know that, but it's only with very technical, precise hand drawn drawings or with the computer or a camera.  My boyfriend is a wonderful fine artist, and I'm so jealous of this.  Anyway, he's trying to help me see (since no teacher ever has) and really draw well, but in my own style.  I greatly appreciate and love him for that, but it's still incredibly frustrating to me.

While Stumbling (love it) I found an Analytical Drawing Blog for someone's class somewhere.  I really like it for a lot of reasons:  1.  It's student artwork with some teacher artwork mixed in.  2.  It's from 2008 and has been abandoned, giving it new life.  3.  There's no information other than the drawings, and I like the mystery. 

So, enjoy and here's to all the help I can get!