Everything's Gray

So, I really like gray.  I wear a lot of gray, I buy gray accessories, I even own gray pants.  Gray is great!  I decided to do some searching for gray items and this is what I found and loved.  Enjoy!

All I know is I like it.

I think I'd use it more as decor, but it's awesome either way!

Same source as above.  Good stuff.

Not your mom's Ana Taylor... apparently the company has started making a slew of more modern items and less business only attire.  Check it out.

I know it's almost Spring, but I love coats no matter what time of year!  This is so great, the color is perfect, the sleek lines, classic feel but with a modern cut.  Love it!

No.  No babies anytime soon, but I do find some things cute (oh god, this is how it starts).  Anyway, if I do ever have kids, they'll be wearing sweet stuff like this.  The whale and the birds are my favorite, but I love all the simple graphics.  Simple, attractive, good.

I don't normally like things like this, but for some reason I just love this.  I think it's because of the extra ruffles around the flower shape.  They make it more of an abstract shape than just a flower.

I love flats.  I love these.  Want them!

I could see myself slipping into this bed every night.  No pets allowed.

Oh, gimme gimme!  Functional and beautiful.

Beautiful gray stones are my weakness...  check out the other beautiful jewelry this Etsy has.