Friday Mikey and I went on a wonderful trip to New Orleans.  First we went to NOMA, saw some sweet art, but didn't finish it yet.  Shucks, I guess that means another trip to New Orleans soon.  Anyway after the museum closed we went to the French Quarter and had a wonderful night.

Sweet little lizard that had no fear.

Photo by:  Mikey

Photo by:  Mikey

Photo by: Mikey

Mmmm, Angeli's!  Photo by:  Mikey

Gold Cowboy...

This dude was not a dude, it was a fake.  We determined there's no way you could hold your feet like that for as long as "he" did.  Plus the hand never moved, not once.  Someone totally sat him out there to collect money while they probably sipped martinis in an apartment above.

Photo by:  Mikey

A bar called Molly's At The Market.  I really liked it.

Then we wandered.

We were being silly and posing in the street.

And I don't know what I'm doing...

This cat was retarded, it ran into traffic and Mikey said it was sticky...

A little lost.

And then it begins!  We found a balcony above a daiquiri bar that had a sign "One drink minimum to use the balcony."  So we just went up the stairs anyway and low and behold there was a balcony and all these rooms.  NO ONE in them.  Finally I went downstairs and bought a drink just to make our experience a little more legit.

A couple of the 2nd floor rooms.

Up to the 3rd floor, where it gets a little scary.

There were neat paintings on the third floor.  Couldn't quite figure out why they were just there.

The stairs to... THE ATTIC!  Creepy!

But it wasn't really that scary... at all.

4th floor {attic} view, so cool.

No Pictures Please

Back to the balcony for people watching.

A lonely hobo.

Sweet accidental composition.

And the night was finished at Cafe Du Monde.  Delicious.  

We had the best time in New Orleans.  I have the most amazing boyfriend and I feel so lucky to have him.