Here are the photos from "Clem's first day at the beach!"  She was so excited and we're totally taking her on more puppy adventures!

 These are six separate digging moments.  She loves to dig!

 Mikey and Clem running through the water.

 Note the broken leash.  Little booger broke it while we were there.  She just wanted a new one...

 More digging!  Photo:  Mikey

 Clem pulling me around.  Photo:  Mikey

 Photo:  Mikey

 Photo:  Mikey

 Somebody had a horse on the beach!  How neat, it's like a movie!

 There were tons of stingrays, luckily they're chicken.

 The life partner.

 Clem had issues with this old Mountain Dew bottle.

 Dead fish.

 Then suddenly the blue sky came out.  [there's a plane]  Photo:  Mikey

 Photo:  Mikey

 Photo:  Mikey

 Dead fish.  Photo:  Mikey

 Clem wanted this.  That's as close as she got.  She totally wanted to put that in her mouth, eww.
Photo:  Mikey

 Photo:  Mikey

And finally, Clem peeing.  This actually occurred right when we got there, but whatever, it's pretty funny either way.  [click to enlarge for better facial expression viewing]