Here are some photos of the past two weekends adventures. The first are from July 4th weekend when Josh and Jackie were down from Memphis. Josh, Jackie, Mikey, and I all drove down to the coast and then to New Orleans. Drive-thru daiquiris were consumed and it was a good time!
The second set of photos are from last weekend, July 11th, when Mikey and I drove down to the coast again and had the best day ever. We went to Pascagoula to some old historic homes that are in trouble of rotting away near the Port of Pascagoula. Really sad. They are the Front Street houses and the only two that remain. For the whole story go here. Then we went to Long Beach and played on the beach. We found a dead Jellyfish and TONS of crabs just hanging out on the beach. I took photos of some of them, they were all alive.
Set # 1
The Love and Me

Set # 2