Kelcey, Mikey, and I went to the flea market today, which proved to be a bit disappointing, but definitely entertaining. I asked the question: "Since so many people hate clowns, why are there so many clown things?" Seriously, a tape dispenser (not kidding, should have gotten a picture), creepy painting after creepy painting, and other random nicknacks that NO ONE wants...

Then we decided to try and find some abandoned houses and that was also a fail, BUT we were close to Laurel and went to Hudson's (the most awesome store ever) and found some treasures! Yeah, the treasure hunt, I see why they went with that- Hudson's Treasure Hunt, haha.

Anyway, I got a Hunter $90 lamp for $8!! I also got a cute little thing to hang my purse, umbrella, and dog leash on for $3. Both are pictured below.

Then we came back to the apartments and Mikey and I took a little nap. I got a picture of him and Clem (Clem LOVES him), so cute. Also captured my little man, Sebastian. Cutest cat ever, btw. And he just tried to erase this post by walking on my laptop... geez.
Now for Saturday night fun with Kelcey and Mikey. YAY!

Pretty sweet Saturday!