So recently I made the decision, quite on the fly I might add, to get a precious little puppy. Or so I thought... haha, no she's sweet, just going through her terrible 2's at this very moment. Let's just say everything is chewable and peeing on my floors is becoming an art.

Anyway, in the middle of two jobs, running Replay, moving, and just trying to spend time with my wonderful new boyfriend, I took on the responsibility of this little being. She's wonderful, really smart, can sit already and Mikey taught her to fetch, but it's not all rainbows and sunshine. It's crazy, people always say having a dog is good preparation for having a kid (NO not having any of those ANYTIME soon), but I think it's true. I think everyone should have to have a puppy before they have a kid!

I love her, but she's no Sebastian, my sweet sweet kitty. He's so wonderful, sweet, and adjusting to apartment life quite well. (He used to be an indoor/outdoor killing machine. I'm sure the neighborhood creatures on 7th Street have let out a sigh of relief!)

Here are some photos of the Clementine, The Great! In cat hats... cruel? ADORABLE!
Cat Hats!!

"Aww, I don't like this!"

"Please, no photos!"

"Ok, here comes the violence!"