I was listening to the June 15th Radiolab Podcast short (it's really a fabulous podcast, check it out if you haven't) and it was about people who have facial recognition problems or Facial Blindness- they can't recognize faces. Well it's a little more in depth than that. They can recognize you while you're talking to them, or even through the night, but without consistent exposure to someone they simply can't remember them. The two men they talked to were Oliver Sacks who is a neuroscience and author and Chuck Close who I found particularly interesting because he is an artist, a portrait artist. Yep. Pretty amazing.

Close's paintings are quite interesting and really struck a cord with me. He can see fine in one dimension so he takes photos of his subjects, grids them off, and then paints what he sees from each little square. The end results are wonderful!

Both men are exceptional to have become the people they are while enduring this pretty crippling handicap. I can't imagine not being able to recognize someone, especially since I have a wonderful memory for faces.
The podcast goes into more detail, so I won't spoil it for you, but I highly recommend checking it out. It's one of the Radiolab Shorts so it's only like 26 minutes long or so.
Here are a few of Close's paintings. Enjoy!Source