So after neglecting my former blog for way too long, I decided to start fresh. Basically this blog is going to be about my ideas, views, and art. I hope you all check back because I am going to make myself post everyday (or at least try).

While talking to a friend tonight I came up with a good quote. We were talking about change and how this country needs change, mainly a green revolution. While proving a point about this change being necessary and how so many people will not stand up and start anything I said "We all seem to think we have no voice, when really, a voice is all we have." I love quotes yet am not one to usually quote myself, but I thought this statement to be quite poignant.

Change starts with you and me and you and you and you. If no one stands up and says "Hey, things need to change!" then how are we ever supposed to progress?

I'll expand more on what I'm talking about and my ideas later.

Now to some school work. Last week!

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