Start With Postive Reboot

A couple of years ago I was on this #startwithpositive kick on Instagram. I'd make quick memes with words of inspiration to help myself, and others, start with positive intentions. I must admit when I was younger I was definitely a negative person. Over the years I've improved myself and my life to fight the negativity and depression, and I will admit it is not easy. Humans tend to go the negative route in many situations, even people who would label themselves as a "positive" or "happy" person have plenty of down moments. This is just being human. I do believe we can overcome that and reset ourselves. Let's face it, the world tends to be an overwhelmingly cruel place, but I do see a more positive world emerging.

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More Thought Provoking Videos

I love to share thought provoking videos that I happen upon, and these two are definitely worth a watch. The first one is so well done and is asking the fundamental question, what is self? The second is also well done, just in a more playful way, but with a great message. Both are short, both are amazing. Please watch and spread these amazing videos!

Life Should Be Magical- Like A Movie Even

Life should be magical.  Life IS magical. We’ve been told very conflicting things throughout life.

On one side- Watch this movie, this happy ending, these happy people- WANT THAT.

Other side- Well, this movie is over, get back to your boring existence where you are a cog in the machine. You have a duty… make “US” money, slave!

Then we’re left with a feeling of “I wish life were like a movie."

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Two Genius Videos That Will Make You Contemplate Human Existence

Here are two videos I happened upon today, and they will make you contemplate your existence in two very different ways. The first is about the infinite options we are faced with everyday, and the complexity behind each decision we make. The second is a playful stylistic, yet shockingly awakening, cartoon about humankind and what our egos have caused us to do to our planet.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.