I Stumbled Upon a neat online store yesterday, ThreadSense.  ThreadSense has clothing, accessories, shoes, and decor, and at affordable prices.  I loved so many items on this site, it was hard to choose, but I think I narrowed down my picks to some really nice items.  Pssst, they have some seriously awesome rings, too!  So, go check them out already!

*Click on images to be brought to these items.


Ok, it was seriously hard to just pick 8, but I had to limit myself!  I've been doing a lot of posts about clothes recently, so I figured I'd give the shoes and rings some lovin'.  I decided to pick some wonderful items from Ruche, which is a lovely lovely store with really reasonable prices.  Check out the items and find some you love!  Yes, I love gray...  Hope you enjoy!


I LOVE shoes, but there are some extreme examples out there.  I never realized just how unusual shoes could get until recently.  I guess I wasn't paying attention to the shoes I didn't like.  Not to say I don't like these shoes as art, I do (some of them...), but I definitely wouldn't call them shoes; in the traditional sense at least.  In fact, some of them I can't even fathom getting my foot near let alone in.  How about you?  Do you think these are a little extreme?

These are the most disgusting shoes.  Seriously.

Well, there you have my Top 20 Ugliest Shoes (in no particular order except the last).  Enjoy!