Start With Postive Reboot

A couple of years ago I was on this #startwithpositive kick on Instagram. I'd make quick memes with words of inspiration to help myself, and others, start with positive intentions. I must admit when I was younger I was definitely a negative person. Over the years I've improved myself and my life to fight the negativity and depression, and I will admit it is not easy. Humans tend to go the negative route in many situations, even people who would label themselves as a "positive" or "happy" person have plenty of down moments. This is just being human. I do believe we can overcome that and reset ourselves. Let's face it, the world tends to be an overwhelmingly cruel place, but I do see a more positive world emerging. Not in the media/political fake bullshit way, I mean in the individual - and their concern for the collective. I know a lot of people who are growing, changing, and impacting the world we live in, and at the end of the day, that's what will spill over and cause change to spread.

Never depend on an outside force to make you a better person, it's impossible.  YOU are the only one who can enact change, and it starts with yourself. How do I know this? I've proven it to myself in my own life.

Anyway, I really hate preaching to people, it's basically useless, but sometimes another person's experience can inspire change in others, so that's all I'm trying to do. Can't hate someone saying you can literally be the best you - if you care to try.

Here are some new #startwithpositive memes I've been making. I make them quickly on my iPhone using the app Word Swag, and I don't put a ton of thought into them. They help me quickly design, and they help remind me to keep on keeping on, and I figured I'd start spreading that positive outlook again.