Life Should Be Magical- Like A Movie Even

Life should be magical.  Life IS magical. We’ve been told very conflicting things throughout life.

On one side- Watch this movie, this happy ending, these happy people- WANT THAT.

Other side- Well, this movie is over, get back to your boring existence where you are a cog in the machine. You have a duty… make “US” money, slave!

Then we’re left with a feeling of “I wish life were like a movie."

Well guess what, it can be and should be. Fiction comes from life. Fiction comes from our desires, and I think we all desire to be happy. I’m not going to focus on the negative of the “cabal” or what they’ve been perpetuating. We all know we’re slaves to their system, but it’s time for the slaves to uprise. In fact, we are uprising, but the beauty of it this time is we’re doing it peacefully. We’re reclaiming ourselves, our truth, and the truth of humanity simply by informing each other, and taking a stand together.

Life isn’t meant to be this exhausting chaotic shit storm. Life is meant to be lived, but when your essence is stolen, when your thoughts are consumed with money woes, feeding your children, or in my case myself, when your thoughts are always going and never stopping, how are you supposed to live out your happy ending?

Thing is, we can place blame on the “Powers that Were” all we want, but they’re only an aspect of it. You see, you are responsible for yourself, but most of us haven’t been. We’ve been asleep, we’ve aided in perpetuating this impossible standard of life by giving up our power, and allowing the wool to be pulled over our eyes.

The good news? That’s changing EVERY SINGLE SECOND. Ignore the chaos, chaos is where they want you. Instead start making a real difference, and I don’t mean pouring ice water over your head or continually reposting injustices on Facebook. I’m talking about starting with yourself. Start taking care of yourself, start loving yourself, start standing up for yourself, and in doing so you will emanate an energy that is undeniable. By loving ourselves, by creating a better world for yourself (and yes, you are a co-creator, we all are) your efforts will spill over into everything you do, over to everyone you know, and that’s a chain reaction.

Whether you want to believe so or not, we’re all connected. We’re all energy, and that energy is power. How do you think others have harnessed that power and used it for nefarious means? That same power can easily be shifted. That’s why we’re going through a shift. We’re shifting from a control system to being in control, in control of our lives, in how we spend our time, in where we go and what we do.

What do you want out of life? Do you want the happy ending? Do you want to be loved? Do you want to love others? Do you want real communication with others? Do you want to be in a (almost) constant state of joy? Do you want to end frustrations, woes, worries? Then start today. Start really, I mean REALLY looking at your life and start changing it. It’s not an "easier said than done" thing if you truly want those things. Inspire yourself, inspire others to take life into their own hands through your actions.

We are all worth something, and the only reason we believe we’re not is because of conditioning. We’re programmed, we are living computers, so switch that program over to one that serves you, not one that hinders and destroys you.

If every person started to live their life for them (and I don’t mean in a selfish manner, that’s where we have to change, kick the ego out), I mean really living your life to serve your purpose and serve others we're connected to- then we’d accelerate the change exponentially.

You were meant to live in heaven on Earth, why do we keep making it hell?

Start today. Start small, but whatever you do. Start with positive.

Thank you!